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The largest financial transaction of your lifetime requires a consummate professional. We have trained professionals that have earned the ABR® Designation to deliver you the best in buyer representation services, often at no cost to you. You owe it to yourself to have the best representation possible in any purchase transaction. Learn more about what an ABR® can provide and find other useful buyer resources here. 


Whether you are a first time homebuyer or a repeat client, your time and money are important so here are a few preliminary steps you can take to make the purchase process a whole lot less painful!

These suggestions, if followed, will help you and your Realtor® to move forward quickly and make those home ownership dreams a reality.

1. Obtain your credit report.

Every person whose credit will be used for a home loan purchase should obtain a free credit report once each year from each of the three major credit reporting bureaus, and do so prior to applying for a home loan. is a site maintained by all three major credit bureaus. 

There are also many other credit monitoring, score, and report options available online.

Obtaining this information will take you some time to do (allow 1-2 hours), but it is time well spent. Knowing what's on your existing credit report will help you spot anything that is not accurate and will help you paint a correct picture of debt and payments owed monthly and as a whole. Having this information handy will also help you when you fill out your loan application.  Obtaining your own credit report will not affect your score in any way.

If any information on these reports is inaccurate these websites can assist you in knowing how to proceed to dispute those items. 

2. Obtain your FICO score.

The FICO score is a credit score that mortgage lenders use to help qualify you for your loan.  (NOTE: The FICO score differs from the individual scores available from each of the three credit bureaus - make sure you are purchasing the right score!). Many companies will offer your FICO score free or at a reduced rate as part of a promotion when you purchase credit reports or credit monitoring products from them. Many offer a free trial.

Knowing this score during the pre-approval process can help you prevent unnecessary pulls on your credit.  Too many inquiries can hurt you! Controlling who has access to your report is something every consceintious consumer should practice!

3. Choose a Mortgage Lender.

Work with a mortgage lender of your choice PRIOR to contacting your Realtor®
to get your home loan pre-approved. For our preferred lender click here

Loan officers can make or break your loan. It is important that you get in with an honest, reputable loan officer right from the start - someone that will treat you as a person, not as a number or a commission check.

A pre-approval is different than a pre-qualification. A pre-approval basically means that your loan has gone through an early underwriting of sorts. For pre-approval you will be asked to furnish certain documentation for verification of income and debts in addition to the credit report that the lender will obtain. The pre-approval process can often take a week or more. A pre-qualification is usually based on a much quicker look at your financial picture, often overlooking some of the details that could hang up your final approval. No one likes surprises. Pre-approval is the way to go!

Lenders with in-house underwriting are an added bonus that can prove invaluable.

4. Sign a Buyer's Representation Agreement with the Realtor® of your choice.

This is an agreement that allows the Realtor® to represent YOU as a buyer. It typically costs you nothing and can be limited to any amount of time or any geographical areas (within the state of Texas) that you wish.

It also is an agreement of loyalty between you and your Realtor® - This will provide both the Realtor and buyer with a more rewarding real estate experience.

In Texas, a Realtor® who does not represent the BUYER under a signed written agreement represents the SELLER and cannot work in the Buyer's best interest - though they must be fair to the Buyer in all their dealings.  

Your Realtor® will furnish you upon your first meeting with a disclosure from the Texas Real Estate Commission that outlines the various forms of Broker Representations available in Texas. You can also obtain that form here.

5. Know what you can afford. 

Work with your Realtor® and your loan officer to determine the purchase price and the payment that is right for you based on your current circumstances and those that might affect you in the future. The importance of this step can not be over-emphasized.


Your Realtor® can provide you with a list of homes that meet your particular criteria. We can even set up your own custom automated process that notifies you automatically when any new properties that meet your criteria show up in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). You can also search the MLS yourself from the 'Property Search' page right here on our website.

7. Hold off on ANY new purchases!

Do not apply for any new credit after receiving your Pre-Approval until AFTER closing on your new home. Notify your Realtor®
or loan officer immediately of ANY changes in employment, income or circumstance.

Making a major change (sometimes even a minor change) close to purchasing a home can affect EVERYTHING.  Many lenders verify employment and credit a second time - right up to the day you close on your home. Any change in your situation can affect the amount of home you're able to purchase .... sometimes they affect your power to purchase at all. Buyers are encouraged not to apply for new credit cards, automobiles, cell phones or other lines of credit, to the extent that it can be helped, until after your closing. Providing your identifying/credit information when applying for homeowners insurance or utility service is the exception.


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What my clients are saying  

"Shari Guess saved us just under $6,000 in fees, easy to work with...she's a real professional! We got six solid offers over the weekend and all of them over the asking price! We chose the right agent. She's working very hard for us!"


~ Bill Easley

"Shari Guess is a wonderful Realtor and we highly recommend her!! She was extremely responsive to all of our needs from start to finish, worked quickly and efficiently and had our home on the market in 10 days after our first encounter, She is an excellent marketer and she captured all of the features and selling points of our home. She also saved us $7,100. She provided all the services of a traditional Realtor, but has a flat rate fee of $2,500. We will definitely be using her in the future if we sell another home!"


~ Milly Bradley

"Super nice and efficient."


~ Marnie Gilliland

"Shari Guess was recommended by a friend when I mentioned that I needed a reliable agent to sell my home. She provided excellent service from the beginning of the process to closing. I highly recommend Shari without any reservations. She listed the property for a flat rate on MLS and saved me a ton of money. My experience began with Shari sitting down with me patiently and talking me through the process of selling my home. Shari was highly knowledgeable about the market and was very helpful in helping me with the decisions I needed to make. She was fun, encouraging, and positive. She assured me the house would sell within a few weeks. She was spot on. Most importantly, Shari was always on top of things and communicated constantly throughout the process. I felt she truly had my best interests at heart. I highly recommend Shari if you want to sell your home. She is very professional, highly knowledgeable, and at the top of her game. You will not be disappointed!"


~ Melony McClendon

"Shari did an excellent job with our listing. She went above and beyond to make sure all was taken care of. She kept me in line to make sure I did what I needed to do. She saved me over $13,000 in fees!!!!! She was amazing!"


~ Mauricio Deras

"Shari was absolutely amazing to work with! She spent the time to learn and understand what we were looking for in a home and applied that to her home research/searches. At every point during our journey to home ownership she was our advocate and kept a constant focus on looking out for our best interest. Having the horsepower of Shari’s industry knowledge and insight into the local real-estate market made the searching/buying process seamless. Another huge bonus with going with Sheri is she gives a portion of her commissions back to the buyer at closing. Our commission rebate totaled $1,775.00!! You will not find a better realtor in Wise County!"


~ Collin Bond

"Shari truly helped us through the grueling house-selling process. We had a zillion things go wrong, none for them Shari’s fault, and she stayed right by us through it all. She worked so hard and still maintained her non-commission, flat fee price. Some of her strengths are detailed listings- we got so many compliments on her descriptions-, fierce negotiations, top-quality recommendations- we needed foundation work and professional photos-, and of course money-saving. She saved us $3600!!! She worked hard to negotiate the best deal for us right up until the last moment. She really did work hard for her $$ on our deal. Tell her what you want, and she will help make it happen."


~ Michele Bass

"We just bought our 2nd house through Shari. She was responsible and kept us appraised at every turn. She saved us money in fees. We appreciate that. Gave us good industry advice in remodeling, banking, taxes, and every way to save money. We consider her an asset to our investment portfolio and a friend."


~ Shawna Graves

"I’ve known Sheri for a few years and I spoke to her and her husband about selling my home. She called me a few days later and said she had a possible buyer and he would like to look at the home. We weren’t quite ready to show it or even list it. After several attempts I caved and let her show the house. We had a contact that day to sell my home. I got more than I wanted from the sell and even saved money by using Sheri to sell it. It couldn’t have been an easier process with Sheri. If I ever move back to the area I will most definitely use Sheri to purchase a home."


~ Shane Person

"Shari Guess is blazing a trail in the real estate industry! There is something to be said for all the effort buyers & sellers put in, in today's home buying/selling process. This is why I think Shari's rebates (when buying) & fee schedule for selling are so amazing! She understands there has been a shift in the home buying process & is doing everything she can to help her clients save money. When selling a $320,000 home you are looking at $19,200 going towards the real estate agent fees (3% to sellers agent and 3% to buyers agent). That's insane! Once we realized the saving with using Shari as our agent we can't imagine ever using any other agent! She rebated us $3,200 toward our closing costs on our home purchase & could have saved the seller's much more! There is no gimmick & she was always quick to respond when we had questions! If you're buying or selling a home in North Texas... then save yourself some money and call Shari!"


~ A. Wilt

"I highly recommend Shari Guess as a Realtor. She effectively negotiated for me and that was the most important requirement that I gave her. She saved me an additional $5,000 at the end. She tries very hard at everything she does and follows up very responsibly and quickly. She has excellent connections that all have contributed to saving me and making me money. I trust her and appreciate her candor and honesty. She keeps it all real and profitable for her clients. I have utilized her twice for purchases, so I’m speaking from experience."


~ Kent Graves

"Shari Guess is blazing a trail in the real estate industry! Agents don't actually have as much to do as they did "back in the day". Most people find their homes & apply for financing online. There is something to be said for all the effort buyers and sellers put in, in today's home buying/selling process. This is why I think Shari's rebates & fee schedule for selling are so amazing! She understands there has been a shift in the home buying process and is doing everything she can to help her clients save money. Once we realized the saving with using Shari as our agent we can't imagine ever using any other agent! She rebated us $3,200 toward our closing costs on our home purchase and could have saved the sellers much more! There is no gimmick & she was always quick to respond when we had questions! If you're buying or selling a home in North Texas... then save yourself some money & call Shari!"


~ Joe K.

"Shari Guess, Buy Wise Real Estate, treated me like family. She worked hard to help me find the perfect home, while doing everything in her power to keep me sane through the process. Shari puts her customers first. Rather than trying to nickle and dime everyone, she's always looking for ways to help the customer spend less, while receiving top quality service and finding the perfect home, selling a home, or both. If you want a genuine, caring, honest realtor, Shari is waiting to treat you like family too."


~ Kate Osio

"Shari Guess sold our house and we found her to be simply GREAT! She's honest, professional, knowledgeable and always available to answer questions supporting her client. She also has plenty of contacts for whatever comes up; cleaning, photos, landscaping, etc. She really does everything your "large" realtor does, and more. Bonus? Her fee structure makes the value even more. 5 offers in the first week and saved us almost $10,000 in commissions on the sale. HIGHLY recommended!"


~ Chris Coleman

"We have been with this amazing Realtor for the past 9+ years, she found our first starter home 8 years ago, and actually sold it for us this year at a great profit and then turned around and worked on a great deal of a lifetime on our new house. Shari does her homework, knows her comps, knows the market and is extremely diligent and thorough in her work. She is very meticulous and will fight for what you want. She will be there for you every step of the way. Support the small business owners and you will be so happy you did!"


~ Jessica Britton

"I've gotten a lot of good business people referred to me from volunteering with the Boy Scouts. Shari Guess is one of them. I recently bought a commercial property in Aurora, TX. She made the process easy to understand and was super cheap on fees. She is approachable and honest. When I had questions about another real estate transaction that she couldn't answer, she immediately referred me to a lawyer who could. In fact, I always walk away from a conversation with her feeling like I've learned something I can use, and that she cares about me as a client. When I asked her about selling a house that was pretty ugly, she gave me a sincere appraisal of the house and several good alternatives to what I could to do, one of which ended up making me more money."


~ Jennifer Prentice

"Best Realtor in the game ... Shari is hardworking, pays close attention to the smallest details. Shari is also a very kind person and also very patient with any client she is working with. By far the best in Wise County and surrounding areas!"


~ Jill Rivera

"Shari did a great job representing us. She worked hard to answer any questions promptly. She was methodical about working through each piece of info which was needed or came up throughout the process."


~ Diane Beltran

"I can not say enough good things about Shari! When my house burned down, we rented a home from her. She made the entire process from start to finish go extremely smooth! I have never rented from someone like Shari! She’s honest and dependable, and those are hard things to find these days!"


~ Jamie Bitner

"Shari sold our home last year for our full asking price, and we had 3 offers the first weekend. Great communication throughout the entire process. Easiest listing I've ever had. Thanks Shari!"


~ Todd Henderson

"Shari is a GREAT Realtor. She helped us find the new construction home that was PERFECT for our little family. If she didn't know the answer she was real quick to find it for us. She constantly was checking in with us wanting to know if there was anything she could do for us. We would for sure recommend her to ANYONE and EVERYONE who needs help selling or buying a home in the area."


~ Andrea Pearson

"We are very thankful we contacted Shari to help us sell our home. Shari is honest, hard-working, extremely thorough, and is careful to regard every detail. She is consistently available for questions, updates, or anything at all. Shari spent numerous hours photographing our house and noting every detail possible to create the perfect listing. Her time was worthwhile, as our house was under contract within a couple of days. We only wish we had contacted her sooner!"


~ Breanne Fernihough

"First time home buyers and she made the process smooth sailing!! She was a terrific negotiator, superb at keeping us in the loop, and very communicative! We had a great experience and would definitely recommend!!!"


~ Garrett Wagner

"As I buy and sell homes, Shari has been invaluable in getting through the maze of negotiation, documentation, and financing involved. Her broad knowledge of real estate law and procedure has helped me avoid potentially costly mistakes. I won’t buy or sell without her at my side. I recommend her without reservation to anyone who is looking for professionalism, dedication, integrity, and uncompromising loyalty."


~ Donald Felton

"Shari, we want to thank you for making our home buying process a complete success.  You brought to the table the experience and knowledge of the industry that we lacked. You continued to work hard on our purchase without ever losing a personal touch. We sincerely appreciate all of your effort and will definitely spread the word about your company!"


~ Terri Lee

"A few months ago my husband & I decided we wanted to move to another house & scale down...We had seen a house in a surrounding area & called the number on the sign. Shari Guess agreed to meet me there within the hour. The first moment that we met I felt that I had known her for a long time. She asked a few questions & then started advising me ... I found her to be the most personable & knowledgeable real estate person that I had ever worked with. She was outstanding in her knowledge of the houses in our price range & we took many trips to look at every possibility there was...We sold our home & she helped us find & buy our new home as well. I still don't know to this day how she knew all of the questions & answers, but she did. We could NOT have done any of it without her & she was the most valuable real estate agent that I have ever known. We will never buy or sell a house again without using her. If you want to sell your home the right way with the right person, call Shari Guess."


~ Cherri Hawthorne

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